Wave Engineering through
eXtreme & Intelligent matTEr

CALTECH, California, USA 
Postdoctoral training : Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
      Adviser: Prof. Chiara Daraio

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

   Postdoctoral training : Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering/ Department of Physics
      Adviser: Prof. Chiara Daraio, Prof. Sebastian Huber

University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO
    Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, May 2015
          Topic: Design and Optimization of Phononic Crystals and Metamaterials for Flow Control and Other Applications
          Adviser: Prof. Mahmoud I. Hussein

Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
    M.Sc., Operations Research/Aerospace Engineering, April 2010
Topic: Exploration of Periodic Materials Design Search Space Using Evolutionary Algorithms
          Advisers: Prof. Mohammed Rasmy, Prof. Mohammed El-Beltagy and Prof. Mahmoud I. Hussein

    B.S., Operations Research/Computer Science, July 2006
          Senior project: Simulation Based Model of The Chassis Factory at MOBICA Company
          Senior project thesis: Excellent (Ranked: 1st/30)